Minimal Desk


First off, I want to just say thank you for stopping by and checking things out.


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I live in the New Jersey (northern NJ to be exact) and I'm a mother of three very creative kids. My husband is probably the most supportive person I've ever met and without him I wouldn't be on this journey now.

My path up to this point has not been your traditional artist route. In fact, I started out in the sciences and got a degree in pharmacy.

I like to think of myself as a self-starter, seasoned Google-er and a self-made woman. Although I don't read too much into the stars, I'm a pretty good example of a Sagittarius. Let me know if you're having a party....I'll be there ready to have some fun.

As continue on the path as a surface pattern designer, I will be offering some tips and tools that I have found helpful. What I have learned so far from the surface pattern design community is that we are all here to help each other grow and to become the best version of us.

I hope you will bookmark this site and come back and visit. 

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Lot's of love,